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“'s then the time of a delicious execution performed by the maestro. He proposes a piece on marimba while the movements are those of the sea: every wave brings its message and leaves the place to the following one...”

Gabriele Mengoli - journalist 

"Percussion it's doing magic..."


Il Corriere della Sera


"A rarity..."


La Repubblica

“The percussionist of the soul...”


Mariella Calcagno -life coach, trainer 

"Finally Biogroove, the superb team of italian percussionists. Very interesting entrance..forceful, strong, rhythm with a good interplay.. THE AUDIENCE LOVED THEM "

Jeffrey James - journalist from Carnagie Hall

"An armonious story, energetic and surprising, that aroused unique emotions and strengthened the link between Donnafugata and its fans"


Josè Rallo - CEO Donnafugata

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