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A new brilliant way to touch the sound. He played in some of the most important concert halls in the world as Carnagie Hall in New York and Konzerthaus in Berlin.

Nino was born in Sicily in the city of Marsala and he started to play piano when he was 6 years old. 

Playing every kind of drums was so natural so he decided to study classical percussion music at Conservatory. Some years later he decided to study drums professionally and he went in Milan becaming a  brilliant student of the best italian drummers.

After this years Nino explored the world of african and various etnic percussion, and developed this new dimension in Netherlands with Nippy Noya (percussion player of Billy Cobham and Jhon McLaughlin). The desire to find even more ways to express oneself brought Nino to study percussion keyboards (marimba, vibraphone and many others) and asian percussion.

The first music prize arrived in 2006 when Nino won the first absolute prize at the international festival “Days of Percussion” and the Special Prize at “ National Award of Arts” in Italy. Others important awards also came from France with “Tournoi International de Musique” in Paris.

In few years Nino played as solist in Italy, USA, Germany, Netherlands, France, Vatican State, Pakistan and, with other musical groups, Austria and Switzerland. 

National newspapers like Repubblica, Il Corriere della sera, il Manifesto, Il Giornale di Sicilia and Percussioni, wrote about him.

He experienced many kinds of music working with musician and artists as: 

Steve Reich, Ludovico Einaudi, Montserrat Caballè, Robert Lippok, Larry Ray, Goonga and Mithu Sain, Yosuke Taki, Gilda Buttà, Badarà Seck, Marino Formenti.

He have played with Ludovico Einaudi, Biogroove (the percussion group he founded in 2009), the dj producer Robert Lippok, the contemporary ensemble PMCE, Simone Giuliani, Mario Bajardi, Graziano Mossuto, the singer Annachiara Farneti, Badara Seck and many others musicians.

He has performed for Canale 5 (TU SI QUE VALES), TG1 economia, for the world renowned wine firm Donnafugata, the world renowned sounds design company 8DIO.

His sounds and rhythms are used all over around the world thanks to the work Rhythmic Revolution (in collaboration with 8DIO and Mario Bajardi)

Last review about the performance at Carnagie Hall in New York says:

       "Finally Biogroove, the superb team of Italian percussionists Nino Errera and Vito Amato. Very interesting entrance with more bowed percussion, four-mallet marimba and drums. Forceful, strong, rhythms with good interplay and individual work, as well as interesting use of counter rhythm, especially when they both got on the same drum kit. THE AUDIENCE LOVED THEM." Jeffrey James 

He won this prizes:

- First Prize at XV Tournèe International de Musique, chamber music section, with Biogroove (Paris);

- Vivi Milano Prize organized by the prestigious news paper Corriere della Sera (Milan);

- Marimba Special Mention at Ibla World Competition;

- The Arts Prize, chamber music secion with Biogroove and special mention as soloist;

- First Absolute Prize at IV Day of Percussions, organized by PAS, Percussion Art Society;

- First Prize at "Eliodoro Sollima Competition".

He has played as soloist here:


Carnagie Hall - New York,

Konzerthaus - Berlino,

Biennale of Salzburg,

the festivals "Suona Italiano" and "Suona Francese" in Paris,

the Musikfestpiele Herrenhausen di Hannover,

the Cap Ferret International Music Festival,

the Ethnological Museum of Berlin

Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome,

the “World Arts Performing Festival” in Pakistan,

Roccella Jazz Festival,

Teatro dal Verme in Milan,

Radio Popolare di Milano,

Radio Rai Tre,

Radio Vaticana.


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