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It's the band with which I had the most incredible adventures. We together, for example, have filled a van with all our musical instruments and went to Paris by winning the first prize at Tournei International de Musique, not without going trough many difficulties. I will tell you on my blog!

About us:

“The Biogroove, a surprising team of two sicilian guys who make magic atmospheres with marimba and vibraphone" ...

"The music they play is amazing and brilliant, ranging from contemporary to ethnic influences and jazz. But they enchant the audience, it is appropriate to say, even for the special "grace" with which they treat their muscular-looking and gestural instruments.” Written by Gian Mario Benzing, for Il Corriere della Sera.


"Biogroove means living rhythm and symbolizes the way how we make music, rendering live what we play. That is pure rhythm or melody. "


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